Too late, too far

(2014): A stereo acousmatic work

Duration: 6:57


Vox Humana,
Audior, Lodi (20th June 2016)

RTÉ Lyric FM (12th June 2016)

RTÉ Lyric FM (24th January 2016)

HearSay Festival,
Kilfinane in Co. Limerick (20-22th Nov 2015)

FLK Symposium 2015,
Castel Beseno (22-24th May 2015)

Acousmatic Transcendence,
Kent (14th May 2015)

SIME Festival,
Lille (24th April 2015)

New Music Miami ISCM Festival,
Miami (9th April 2015)

Otras Máquinas,
Geneve (30th January 2015)

IGNM Concert Series,
Basel (29th January 2015)

Open Circuit Festival
Liverpool (24th October 2014)

The 47th International Summer Course for New Music,
Darmstadt (12th August 2014)


“I like it, for it is double. It is here and elsewhere.”

Camus, The Fall


Too late, too far is part of a larger work entitled The Fall, composed between 2012 and 2014. The compositional process began during a residency at STEIM in December 2011: Amsterdam was the source from which I collected the materials for this piece.

I think now of the unwitting owners of actions contained herein: the cyclists and joggers of Vondelpark, the man on a bridge who offered a bike for a cigarette, the swans calling across the Red Light District, the choir of Sint-Nicolassbasiliek, and the countless others, long since dispersed but not forgotten: shouting, singing, laughing, swearing, clapping. I think also of the creaks and rhythms of rocking boats, of passing trams, the ubiquitous bells and horns, the rain, wind and lapping water, and the 5am fireworks on New Year’s Day. I consider these materials as fragments of sound, but also, now, as fragments of time. Sometimes their shimmering light is obscured, sometimes it is revealed.

This work, “peopled by bad dreams” (and the occasional good one), balances somewhere between loss and hope: after more than two years of work, this is its final character.