Public Bodies

(2007 - 2011): A stereo acousmatic work

Duration: 12:26


Festival Encuentros,
Cuenca, 2011.

Joensuu Soundscape Composition Competition,
Finland, 2011.

Sweden, 2011.

Dragonfly Festival,
Sweden, 2010.

Week of Speakers,
Huddersfield, 2010.

Turn Festival,
Manchester, 2010.

MANTIS Festival,
Manchester, 2009.


Public Bodies explores the theme of voyeurism, both intentional and accidental. We are private bodies caught in the public gaze, we see things that we would rather not, we are simultaneously hungry for attention and yet crave privacy: we are always seen and yet never watched.

Public Bodies is a work in three movements. Sonically, the main musical discourse is between the following elements: a human voice (which represents the Self or Inner), the sounds of the city (which represents the Other or Outer) and harmonic and rhythmic material derived from the two.

Public Bodies forms the music for The Disregarding Gaze, a dance collaboration with Jane McLean and Vanessa Abreu. This work was awarded in the 11th Electroacoustic Composition Competition Musica Viva 2010 by Misc Music Portugal and in the Joensuu Soundscape Composition Competition 2011.