Poor But Sexy In Berlin

(2007 - 2011): A stereo acousmatic work

Duration: 8:04


Wet Sounds Tour,
UK / Scandinavia, 2009.

Con Sordino 2,
Montreal, 2009.

MANTIS Festival,
Manchester, 2009.


I’m a very lazy tourist. That much is to be expected. When I go somewhere new, I tend to just toddle about, sitting on benches, drinking tea and eating local cake.

This piece is based on the field recordings I made while bench surfing my way around the city of Berlin last summer. As a tourist, even a very lazy one, the mundane becomes fascinating. I spent a great deal of time listening to pedestrian crossings, distant traffic and old men ringing bells. This piece traverses my source recordings, and by proxy my memories and experiences, via real abstracted sounds and their abstract dream-like counterparts.