Pond Life

(2007 - 2011): An interactive AV installation


Cities of Sound / FutureEverything,
Manchester, 2011.

Electroacoustic Fair,
Aberdeen, 2010.

S.LOW Projekt,
Berlin, 2010.

Manhattan, 2010.

Montreal, 2009.

Plymouth, 2007.

Pond Life is an ongoing series of interactive audiovisual installations involving simulated life forms projected into a water tank, created in collaboration with Patrick Sanan.

The installation is centered around a large water tank in the center of a darkened room. A projector mounted above displays a simulation of evolving micro-organisms living in a simulated fluid, consuming and producing colored nutrient which is advected by the fluid. As these simple creatures grow, feed, reproduce, mutate, combine, and die, they create an ever-changing soundscape built of sine waves, the simplest sonic elements.

More information can be found on our dedicated site.

Cities of Sound / FutureEverything, Manchester 2011
Electroacoustic Fair, Aberdeen 2010
S.LOW Projekt, Berlin 2010
New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2, Manhattan, 2010
International Computer Music Conference, Montreal, 2009
Sonic Arts Network EXPO, Plymouth, 2007