(2013): A generative audiovisual installation work


Sonorities Festival,
QSS Gallery, Belfast (16th April - 2nd May 2015)

Hunters' Moon, Sunday 27th October,
Carrick on Shannon (2013)

neamhroinnte is a generative audiovisual installation for two screens, quad sound, contact loudspeakers and a quiet, dark environment. It is muted, endless and non-interactive.

neamhroinnte is an exploration of a forest in Roscommon, Ireland. In the stillness, the smallest movements and moments became amplified and mysterious.

As a composer, my work is ordinarily based upon field-recordings made of cities: I collage fragments. Here, instead, I work with undivided passages of time. The work is both contemplative and highly detailed: the viewer shifts between observing constant fluctuations at the micro level and meditative evolutions at the macro level. Fragments of text from the work of Seamus Heaney invite the viewer to reflect upon the gradual unravelling of time.

The video documentation is edited in order to give an impression of the work in a reasonably short time-frame. It does no justice to uninterrupted sense of time in which the work functions and is merely included as illustrative documentation.

neamhroinnte was premiered at the Hunters’ Moon Festival in Carrick on Shannon, County Leitrim on October 27th 2013 and exhibited at the QSS Gallery in Belfast as part of Sonorities 2015.