The Sun Warms The Memory

(2011): A stereo acousmatic work

Duration: 11:28


Radio France Musique (2013),

The San Francisco Tape Music Festival,
San Francisco (2013),

Distractfold / Edge Music,
London (2012),

Metamorphoses / Espace du Son,
Brussels (2012),

Brussels (2012),

Distractfold Ensemble,
Manchester (2012),

A series of memories interrupt, overlap and flow into one another on a summer’s day.

This work is dedicated to Annette Vande Gorne and Musique et Recherches.

This piece is made exclusively from field-recordings taken in Brussels and Ohain in July 2011 and was begun at the studios of M&R and completed in the composer’s own studio.

This work was supported by the PRS Foundation and Bliss Trust.