The Great Inundation

(2016): For 3 object operators, cello, tape & video

Duration: 14:00

Distractfold Ensemble

Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik, Bludenz (18th November 2017)

Cut & Splice Festival, Manchester (11th March 2017)

The City destroys itself – fires and bombs and blitz – only to reassert, clarify, the essential manifold. Spasms of traffic, scurrying businessmen/adepts, reinforce the tidal imagery: systole, diastole.

Iain Sinclair

They pushed a pole to the bottom of a lake, & the mud which stuck on it they collected and made into bricks. That was how they built me.

M. R. James

The Great Inundation is the final part of a triptych of works for performers, tape and video that explore the occult and esoteric psychogeography of London. This work is inspired by the life and work of Nicholas Hawksmoor.

The Great Inundation was premiered on the 11th March 2017 at the Cut & Splice Festival, Manchester.